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Shipping & Delivery


USA Customers (Including processing)

Shipping from our USA Facility7-15 Business Days
Shipping from our Factory2-4 Weeks

International Customers (Including processing)

Shipping from 

our USA Facility
7-20 Business Days
Shipping  from our Factory2-5 weeks

** THESE ARE ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMES. Sometimes there may be delays due to the shipping carrier or international customs sorting.


We ship daily from Monday through Saturday, 52 weeks a year except for Sundays and holidays. Orders placed by 10.00 PM CST or 04.00 AM CET Sunday-Friday will start to be made the next day. Occasionally orders may not ship the ‘next-day’ due to stock issues, lacking order information or billing delays. Orders placed on Saturdays will ship the following Monday or next open business day.


Standard Shipping 

Priority Shipping  is free on orders over $49.

Priority Shipping  starts from $4.95 to the US, Spain, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, and France.